Thursday, September 20, 2007

Juliet---forever HOME!

Little Juliet's great day arrived. She found her own special family!!!
Her new dad writes She’s been her for just 24 hours, but she’s already starting to come out of her shell a bit and acting a little more comfortable with us, so we’re thrilled!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Check out this cute girl!

Juliet's foster mommy is very happy with Juliet's progress. She writes: Juliet is another sweet girl. She is very independent and likes to spend time in the yard even if she is alone out there. Since coming to our house 2 months ago she has never had an accident in the house. That's pretty good for a puppy. She loves other dogs & will chase the cats even when they bat her in the face. She does not corner them or get aggressive. Sometimes they sleep in bed when there is room for them. They will be sleeping right alongside of Juliet. She loves to sleep in the bed and would prefer being close to someone. She is very submissive with other dogs. I walked her a couple of times and she is great on a leash. She likes to lay in the yard and watch everything. She will run around and play when everyone else is out in the yard. But she is just as content to lay in the yard by herself.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Juliet is going to her new foster home this weekend. After helping take care of the "kids" as a young auntie, it's time to think of herself now. After all---one has to think of finding ones OWN special family. Could it be yours?

Juliet takes her duties very seriously!

Juliet is quite frequently called upon to do some puppy-sitting---and we must say, she's doing an admirable job at it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Juliet is a fantastic big sister and loves to baby sit the pussycats.

She takes very good care of the girls so that mom can have a break sometimes.

She is really coming out of her shell!

Pretty little Juliet walked with me on the leash for the first time today. Previously she would sit on the leash and wander around with it on by herself a little, but as soon as you picked up the end, she would lay down and roll over on her back ( a neat trick but not so great for taking a walk)

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Juliet went over by the laundry area and collected all the empty plastic jugs that are waiting to go to recycle and brought them over to her bed. She did not leave a mark on them, just gathered them all up. There are about 20 and they are all rinsed out and have lids. I put them back and she did it again, so I put them back again. I wouldn't want to spoil her fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Little Juliet is learning to come and sit (for a treat) and is a little jealous of the attention Josie is getting. She is hiding treats in with the puppies for later. She is a very silly girl who loves to snuggle. Josie and Juliet are now meeting me after work at the door!! Juliet is sitting pretty reliably now and is so proud of herself.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Little Juliet is turning into quite the snuggle bunny. I was having trouble getting her to take treats from my hand so I bought her a pink plush bear Saturday. She took it immediately and I have photos of what she did with it. Needless to say it is no longer a stuffed toy. But, my plan worked and she takes treats from my hand now. She was running around whining with a cookie in her mouth Sunday. I watched her and she took it and hid it behind my excersize equipment (believe me noone will find it there). There is a little competition for treats but I make sure everybody gets their share.

Saturday night I lay down on her blanket that she kept clean and dry all weekend and she snuggled right up to me and gave me several pointer mix kisses!!! We are still working with the leash and learning "no jumping". She is still very timid so tonight the Pointer-Wanna-Be is going to earn her cookies and play with Juliet. This morning the girls had a special turkey treat in a dish and when I went to work Julie had her dish over on her blanket with her.


Juliet is starting to come out of her shell, but she is still a very shy little girl. She will come to me, but still prefers to eat her cookies from the floor. I did get her to take a piece of cheese from my hand this morning. She is also the master pill spitter, but lets me pop it in the back of her mouth after we play pick up the pill a few times. I had the one this morning really wrapped in cheese and she still managed to spit it out. She is playing with toys well, but when I put the leash on her she just lays down with her head on the floor and freezes. I have been sitting with her, petting and talking to her and distracting her with cookies.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Juliet actually got up off her belly and walked last night with the leash on!! Of course, a HUGE round of applause and large dose of cookies followed. This morning she was whining at the puppies??

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Little Julie's surgery went just fine and she was a very happy girl
when she got home, but sleepy. She went straight to Josie and put her
front half in the crate with mom and the puppies. She layed by the
door to Josie's crate for a few minutes and then went and slept in her
own crate all night. I was very pleased with this since she was so
frightened by the crate when I picked her up. She does much better
with the PetPorter style than the collapsable wire type. Probably
likes the privacy and it feels more like a den. I left the gate open
so she could drink and eat during the night and she did. This morning
she greeted me with tail wagging for her treats and rolled over on her
back so I could check her stitches.


Today is Juliet's day at the vet for her spay. She is such a sweet, scared little girl. She slept in the crate last night for the first
time and cried for a liitle while. She sounded just like a baby!! Then I heard her singing herself to sleep, "Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me? Julie, Julie, Julie do you care? Julie, Julie are you thinking of me? Julie, Julie will you still be there?" She claims to
have seen the Partridge Family on tour, but I think she's pulling my leg.

On the way to the vet she undid her bath in a big way and made a HUGE mess in the crate. Oh well, accidents happen! Thank goodness for whipe-n-dipes. When I opened the crate she was sitting there with drool running down her face and the most humilated look. She will be current on her shots now and I will start taking her to fun places so that she will overcome her


This little girl loves her toys!! And she loves to be brushed. Last night she rolled over on her back and let me comb her with the flea comb. She is playing with me and following me around now. Tonight we will play walk on the leash and groom her some more. She will be a very loyal little girl to someone who will love her. Her spay appointment is Thursday.


This was one frightened little girl when we first arrived at the Palace Friday. I had to drag her in the house. She has not snapped or growled during any of the things that she has been through and is verrry sweet. She wanted to sleep with Josie, but there just wasn't room for all of them in the crate, so she sleeps behind Josie's crate on the carpet and a towel that she has adopted as her blankie. Saturday night she began to act a little more secure and Sunday morning when I went downstairs she had taken my laundry and spread it out all over the basement and then she hid about 2 dozen little brown Easter eggs all over the basement. She has started coming out to greet me with her tail wagging and will now take food from my hand. She loves to have her neck scratched and tonight we will start using the flea comb on her and hopefully get her a bath. I also plan to start teaching her to walk on a leash because draggin her kicking and screaming is pretty traumatic for me.